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The Milky Way Index: How Much Sugar Is In Your Food?

The husband was consuming a glass of orange juice a couple of days in the past when he turned to me and requested “Is juice dangerous for you?”

I mentioned, “Yeah, it’s – as a result of it’s mainly filled with sugar.”

And he mentioned, “What do you imply ‘filled with sugar?’”

And the nutritionist in me began itemizing information: “Nicely, the common man is simply alleged to eat 36g of added sugar a day. And that juice has 28g of sugar for an 8oz glass, and also you’re consuming a 12ouncesglass, so meaning you’ve mainly eaten greater than the quantity of added sugar you need to have for your entire day by consuming 1 glass of juice.”

And the husband mentioned… “huh?” “That doesn’t imply something to me.” “Clarify it to me in a approach I can perceive it.”

So I mentioned: “Okay. Ingesting that tumbler of juice is like consuming a daily sized Snickers Bar. Or Milky Approach Bar. Or simply about any sweet bar.”

And he mentioned…







Not likely 🙂 However a lightbulb did go off in each of our heads. He mentioned “Oh wow, I get it now, that’s loopy! Extra individuals ought to know that. It is best to write a publish about this.”

And that’s how the Milky Approach Index was born.

Why Milky Methods? As a result of they’re the husband’s favourite sweet of all time.

And what’s the Milky Approach Index? It’s your information to understanding how a lot sugar is within the meals you would possibly eat each day. Loads of these meals are marketed as “wholesome,” or “pure,” however they’re really secret sugar supply mechanisms to your physique. You may be deceived into consuming much more sugar than you would possibly notice due to the advertising machines of main meals corporations.

Impressed by the “Massive Mac Index,” (which is a information to assist individuals perceive if currencies are on the proper degree) this Milky Approach Index will present you: for the highest 20 meals sources of hidden sugar – what that one meals merchandise equals in Enjoyable Dimension Milky Approach Bars.

Everybody is aware of that you just most likely shouldn’t be having Four-6 Enjoyable Dimension Milky Approach Bars a day, however do you know you would be getting the equal of that by having a Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Wheat Bread with Ketchup and a small container of Strawberry Yogurt on the aspect?

The Milky Approach Index

For this Index, I’m utilizing the “Enjoyable Dimension” Milky Approach Bar which has the next stats: 80 energy, 3g fats, and 10.5g Sugar. For the dietary nerds, 1 Enjoyable Dimension Milky Approach Bar has 2.5 Teaspoons of Sugar. In accordance with the American Coronary heart Affiliation, Males shouldn’t eat greater than 36g or 9 teaspoons of added sugar a day (three.5 Enjoyable Dimension Milky Approach Bars); Ladies ought to keep beneath 25g or 6 teaspoons of added sugar / day (2.5 Enjoyable Dimension Milky Approach Bars).

#1 | Soda. Let’s begin with an apparent offender. Everyone knows that soda has a number of sugar. However do you know that 1 small 12ouncescan has 39g of sugar? That’s actually virtually Four Enjoyable Sized Milky Methods. There’s no approach round it: Don’t drink soda.

MilkyWay - Amount of sugar in soda

#2 | Canned Fruit in Syrup. Some canned fruit may be okay (if they’re packed in water). However the sneaky ones packed in syrup can have as much as 30-35g of sugar for 1 cup of fruit! That’s about three.5 Enjoyable Sized Milky Methods. Select recent fruit as an alternative of canned!

Milky Way - Canned Fruit - Amount of Sugar

#three | Iced Tea. Scorching tea (no sugar) is wholesome. And iced tea that you just make at residence (with out including sugar) can also be wholesome. However pre-packaged iced teas have extra sugar than tea in them. Snapple’s “All Pure” Lemon Tea has 36g Sugar for a 16ouncesbottle. That’s about three.5 Enjoyable Sized Milky Methods. The choice? Make your personal iced tea utilizing recent lemon and no sugar.

Milky Way - Iced Tea - amount of sugar

#Four | Fruit Juice. Fruit juices are sometimes constituted of fruit concentrates, which aren’t all the time good for you. Concentrates do comprise precise fruit juice, however usually within the focus course of the fruit taste turns into bland, so sugar is added to make it candy. 1 8oz glass can comprise 28g of sugar. That’s mainly three Enjoyable Sized Milky Methods. As a substitute of consuming juice, strive infusing water with recent fruit (minimize up the fruit and add it to a pitcher of water and let is soak for a couple of hours). Or make your personal recent squeezed juices or smoothies at residence!

Milky Way - Juice - amount of sugar

#5 | Protein Bars. Normally marketed as an important “publish exercise snack,” most protein bars are tremendous processed and have tons of sugar added to them. 1 bar can have wherever between 25-35g of sugar! That’s about three Enjoyable Sized Milky Methods. As a substitute of a protein bar, strive Greek Yogurt with fruit, nut butters on sprouted wheat bread, or make a smoothie utilizing a low sugar natural protein powder like Superb Meal or SunWarrior.

Milky Way - Protein Bars - Amount of sugar

#6 | Dried Fruit. With all of the water taken out, dried fruit has far more sugar by quantity than recent fruits. However on high of that, some fruit (like cranberries) are really bitter, and so tons of sugar is added to the dried model to make them style candy. 1/Four cup of dried cranberries has 29g sugar. That’s about three Enjoyable Sized Milky Methods. As a substitute of dried fruit, eat recent fruit. You’ll keep fuller longer and also you gained’t find yourself consuming all of that further added sugar.

Milky Way - Dried fruit - amount of sugar

#7 | Combined Drinks. Alcohol is pure sugar. However beer and wine have approach much less sugar than combined drinks you’d get at a bar. A 4oz Pina Colada has 28g of added sugar, equal to about three Enjoyable Sized Milky Methods. Keep away from combined drinks and stick to 1 glass of beer or wine as an alternative.

Milky Way - Alcohol - Amount of sugar

#Eight | Flavored Yogurt. This is without doubt one of the sneaker ones – as a result of everybody is aware of yogurt is wholesome proper? The issue is the entire flavored varieties – which may be so candy they style like dessert! That’s as a result of, they mainly are. One 6-8oz serving of flavored yogurt can have between 18-30g of sugar. We’ll name that about 2.5 Enjoyable Sized Milky Methods. As a substitute of getting flavored yogurt, get plain low-fat Greek Yogurt and add your personal fruit (or fruit purees) to it!

Milky Way - Amount of sugar in yogurt copy

#9 | Power Drinks. So many individuals use vitality drinks to get an additional increase mid-day or to remain awake in the event that they’re up late. Power drinks are mainly caffeine and sugar. One 8oz Crimson Bull has 26g of sugar. That’s 2.5 Enjoyable Sized Milky Methods. Keep away from vitality drinks and if you actually need caffeine, drink a cup of espresso with 1-2 tbsp of milk.

Milky Way - Energy Drinks - amount of sugar

#10 | On the spot Flavored Oatmeal. That is a kind of meals merchandise that appears wholesome and is marketed to children, however has tons of sugar in it. One packet of flavored oatmeal (even the healthy-sounding flavors like “Maple and Brown Sugar”) has between 10-15g sugar per packet. That’s about 1.5 Enjoyable Sized Milky Methods. As a substitute of the flavored oatmeals, use plain rolled oats and blend in fruit like berries and bananas, nuts/nut butters, and milk to provide it taste.

Milky Way - Instant Oatmeal - amount of sugar

#11 | Granola. One other meals product that sounds wholesome, however isn’t. half a cup can have between 10-15g sugar. That’s about 1.5 Enjoyable Sized Milky Methods. Keep away from granola and keep on with entire grain excessive fiber / low sugar cereals as an alternative.

Milky Way - Granola - amount of sugar

#12 | Youngsters’ Cereal. All cereal marketed to children is swimming in sugar. Most of those manufacturers have little or no vitamins and are mainly refined carbs, sugar and synthetic coloring. Even the wholesome sounding ones like “Honey Nut Cheerios” have 12g sugar for 1 cup of cereal. Most of those cereals run between 10-15g sugar for three/Four of a cup – about 1.5 Enjoyable Sized Milky Methods.

Milky Way - Cereal - Amount of Sugar

#13 | Condensed/Canned Tomato Soup. Why is there added sugar to tomato soup? No concept. All I can inform you is that half cup of Condensed Tomato Soup has 12g sugar. That’s 1 and 1/Four Enjoyable Sized Milky Methods. As a substitute of shopping for canned soup, make your personal tomato soup at residence. It’s tremendous simple and tastes approach higher!

Milky Way - Tomato Soup - amount of sugar

#14 | Barbecue Sauce. Would you imagine that solely 2 Tbsp of some common BBQ Sauce manufacturers have 13g of Sugar? That’s about 1 and 1/Four of a Enjoyable Dimension Milky Approach. Sugar in BBQ sauce can add up quick as a result of most individuals use greater than 2 Tbsp on their meals. There are some BBQ sauce manufacturers on the market with out added sugar (or with little or no added sugar) – so search for these or make your personal at residence!

Milky Way - BBQ Sauce - amount of sugar

#15 | Honey Wheat Bread. Sounds wholesome proper? However 2 slices of honey wheat bread have 10g sugar, equal to 1 Enjoyable Dimension Milky Approach. Don’t be fooled by the entire “wheat breads” on the grocery retailer cabinets. They’re often fairly processed and never a lot better than white bread. A lot of them have added sugar (for no cause – sugar shouldn’t actually be an ingredient in bread). As a substitute, select sprouted wheat bread – like this one from my favourite model: Ezekiel.

Milky Way - Honey wheat bread - amount of sugar

#16 | Pasta Sauce. There are some pasta sauces on the market with out added sugar, however many manufacturers can have between 6-12g of added sugar for each half cup serving, which is about 1 Enjoyable Sized Milky Approach. The important thing to avoiding sugar right here is label studying – look to see if “sugar” is without doubt one of the components listed on the label. If not, then you’re good to go!

Milky Way - Pasta sauce - amount of sugar

#17 | Granola Bars. One other “wholesome” sounding snack, which may have between Eight-13g of sugar for only one bar! That’s equal to 1 Enjoyable Sized Milky Approach. There’s no good various to granola bars – so eat them sparingly or make your personal at residence!

Milky Way - Granola bar - amount of sugar

#18 | Salad Dressing. Most pre-made salad dressings like “Raspberry Vineagrette,” “French Dressing,” and “Catalina Dressing” can have as much as 10g of sugar for two Tbsp. It’s greatest to make your personal salad dressing – it’s tremendous simple. I simply combine further virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and garlic and it tastes nice (and has no sugar in it!)

Milky Way - Salad Dressing - Amount of sugar

#19 | Ketchup. At about 4g sugar per 1 Tbsp of Ketchup, that provides your burger a minor sugar increase if you’re consuming it. That’s only one/2 of a Enjoyable Sized Milky Approach, however one thing to remember if you’re a fan of piling on the ketchup when consuming fries, burgers, and many others.

Milky Way - Ketchup - amount of sugar

#20 | Espresso Creamer. Didn’t you assume espresso creamer was cream? It’s really water combined with syrup with cream as one of many farther-down-the-list components. 1 Tbsp has 5g sugar – half of a Enjoyable Sized Milky Approach. As a substitute, simply add common cream to your espresso!

Milky Way - Coffee Creamer - amount of sugar

So there you’ve it. The High 20 largest offenders on the subject of hidden sugars in packaged meals. Everybody is aware of that sweet bars (like a Milky Approach) aren’t wholesome – that they’re alleged to be eaten sparingly, as an occasional deal with. However most individuals don’t consider the favored manufacturers of bread, cereal, oatmeal and juice in the identical approach – however they’re! Not all manufacturers add sugar to their meals merchandise, however many of the “large” manufacturers: Kraft, Nestle, Heinz, Kelloggs, Yoplait, Pepperidge Farm, and many others. do. So the secret’s to learn meals labels and search for the phrase “sugar” on the components record, and have a look at the grams of sugar on the vitamin label.

And bear in mind for those who’re a lady – you get 6 tsp / 25g or 2.5 Enjoyable Sized Milky Approach Bars a day of added sugar; and males get 9 tsp / 36g or three.5 Enjoyable Sized Milky Approach Bars per day of added sugar. I hope this publish was useful in deciphering meals labels and discovering the hidden sugar in your meals! And the following time you choose up that tumbler of juice, or field of cereal, or granola bar, ask your self: is that this the way you wish to “spend” your Milky Methods for the day? 🙂

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